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About Us

Citipack Plastics Sdn Bhd was established in year 2000 for manufacturing packaging material such as pvc shrink films and pvc shrink bags.

We have more than 20 years of experience in plastic industries serving customers from various of industries such as food and beverage, health care products, books, household products etc.

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Featured Products

  • PVC Shrink Bags
  • PVC Shrink Films
  • PVC Shrink Tube
  • PVC Shrink Rolls-Centre Fold
  • POF Shrink Bags
  • POF Shrink Rolls-Centre Fold

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Citipack Plastics not only manafacturer and also supplying plastic materials including pvc shrink bags, pvc shrink rolls centre fold, pvc shrink tube, imported pof shrinkable roll – centre fold etc to serve customers in various industries.

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